Learn about watchmaking and build your own watch

Do you dream of making your own watch? Time Experience offers you a watchmaking initiation course for everyone. You will leave with a unique watch made by yourself!

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Watch Building Experience

Two dedicated and highly trained watchmakers will accompany you throughout the entire day.


They will teach you to assemble your own highly crafted, mechanical, manually wound wrist watch, piece by piece.


You will be guided through the process of assembling the mainspring, central power organ of the watch, the gears, power transmitting agents followed by the anchor, beat counting organ and finally, the balance wheel with its hairspring whose role is to insure proper time keeping. You will then be guided through all final check points such as quality control, regulating precise time keeping, and ensuring the watch is waterproof. You will be invited to personalize your watch with your own leather band, and taught the method to affix it to your watch case.



A Unique Experience

Time Experience is open to all types of people, watch amateurs as well as watch lovers, who want to live an out of this world experience, building and acquiring a unique personalized and long desired timepiece. This experience is open to all foreign clientelle, avid to own a personalized timepiece and return home with it. 


According to Yves Michaud's philosophy: "The utmost experience is not necessarily to acquire, to possess but to live a unique experience". This luxurious dream will enable you to dive into an surreal sensation enrobed with a sense of authenticity.





An Emotional Success


The success of Time Experience is linked to the increasing demand of consumers, wishing to deepen their knowledge in the origins of watchmaking and most of all, to be the proud owners of a timepiece they assembled themselves.





Our watches

You'll design unique models, specially adapted to your creation. You can choose between a mechanical model with manual winding or an automatic model.